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Welcome to Ms Chrismer's English for 7th Grade!

Mrs. Swope's  7th Grade Language Arts Course
Mrs. Mart 8th Grade Langauge Arts

7th Grade Language Arts at New Oxford Middle School!

Mrs. Murren 9-3 Language Arts
Mrs. Murren 9-1 Language Arts

Mrs. Murren 9-2 Language Arts,r:1,s:0,i:156Welcome to English 11!!

Gifted Seminar Links

Mrs. Byers U.S. History

7th grade Social Studies at New Oxford Middle School!

Common Core Algebra - Teacher: Mr. J. Warner 

E Warner - Common Core Algebra





Mr. Heird's 8th Grade Math Class

Mrs. Renoll Math

Mrs. Martin's Middle School math.
Bajaj Class 3
Mrs. Bajaj Class 2

Welcome to Advanced Computer Technologysmile

Moodle course to provide teacher resources.
This course has been set up for students and staff at the Conewago Valley Intermediate School.

Mrs. Craig's 6th grade Moodle

This course provides enrichment activities for elementary students.

Welcome to Mrs. Frank's Moodle wide eyes!

Mrs. Groft's 1st Grade

Welcome to the Conewago Township Parent Moodle!

Welcome to Mrs. Shearer's Class

Welcome Back!!smile

Moodle set up for the NOE staff and teachers
Mrs. Gibson's Science Class 3
Mrs. Gibson's Science Class 2
Science class for Mrs. Gibson
Mr. Harned's 8th grade science course

New Oxfrod High School FIRST Robotics

2012-13 Advisors include:

Mrs. Walde (Lead Coach), Mrs. Hall, Mrs. Krumrine

Support as needed by the rest of the high school science department

Welcome to Mr.Fett's Earth Science moodle cool Throughout the year we will be focusing on geology, astronomy, meteorology, and oceanography.

Miss Martin's Middle School Science Course

Mrs. Olewiler's 8th grade Earth and Space Science MoodleEarth from space

7th grade Life Science with Mrs. Olewiler!DNA

Mr. Rehm AP Physics

This Moodle is for Mr. Rehm's section of Integrated Science. Students will use this Moodle to find documents needed for class and homework, find resources, collaborate with groups, and submit assignments. 

Sample Portfolio for the Wilson Cohort Moodle

2012 Summer Tech Course Materials

Resource Calendar 1
English as a Second Language is designed as a professional development course.
This  is a course that covers a variety of tools that can be used in education.
Hurrican KatrinaThis is an introduction toMoodle
2010 Technology Boot Camp
This course has been set up so that links can files from the 2009 boot camp final projects could be showcased.
Mrs. Kennedy's Professional Development
Technology Boot Camp Level II
2011 Technology Boot Camp
Wildlife and Natural Resources to my "Introduction to Agriculture" class thoughtful


New Oxford Middle School Moodle

CVIS Enrichment activities.,or.r_gc.r_pw.r_qf.,cf.osb&fp=f3d4a07450dad035&biw=1280&bih=827Welcome to 6th Grade!  Here you will find resources and reminders for Math and Science.

Welcome to Mrs.Barney's Class

Intermediate School Moodle

Welcome to the blue reading group.  Theme 1  Natures Fury


This is a moodle created for communication between teachers.
This is an employee wellness program.
LaSota Independent Living
Lasota Foods II

This website is designed to allow students and parents to anticipate upcoming and current activities in the classroom. Each day on the calendar shows what is to occur on that day. This is a great resource for students to obtain information and work to be completed if there is an absence. If there are any questions, please contact me.

Resources for Mrs. Lindskog's classes.

Middle School Reading

All district employees with email can join this moodle.  This moodle is set up that those employees who join will have editing rights and can add information to this moodle.

This course has been created for the purpose of providing remediation for the Keystone Alg 1 Exam.

This course has been created for remedial purposes for the Keystone Literacy Course.

This course has been created for the purpose of providing remediation for the  Keystone Biology Exam.